We’re thrilled to announce that Emmy-Award-winning producer, director, and writer Jessica Yingling has founded Rom Com Pictures! Jessica first started working with ProPath last year with her popular one day seminar, Unearthing the Secrets of the Hallmark Channel Movie. She then went on to teach Writing the Romantic Comedy, a class in which Jessica led eight students through the process of writing their romantic comedy scripts from concept to a completed first draft in ten weeks. Now, she’s offering that same class again along with The Rewrite: Ensuring Your Romance Script Has a Happily Ever After.

ProPath Screenwriting + Rom Com Pictures = A Match Made in Heaven

Jessica’s projects include Love Under the Olive Tree, a romantic comedy starring Benjamin Hollingsworth and Tori Anderson; Anything for Love, a romantic comedy starring Erika Christensen, Paul Greene, and Antonio Cupo; and Vivian Buchanan, a dark comedy horror written by Paul Taegel and Henry Goelet. Jessica founded Rom Com Pictures alongside her producing partner, Adam Ripp, to develop and produce inclusive romance movies written by underrepresented writers whose stories appeal to audiences of all ages. Through Rom Com Pictures, Jessica focuses on finding and nurturing new, diverse voices and is already finding them in her ProPath classes and seminars! 

From Script to Production

Jessica’s excited about the possibilities of working with ProPath, saying, “ProPath not only provides a unique opportunity to work with incredibly talented writers who are committed to telling heartfelt, inclusive stories, but the 10-week workshops have also resulted in a dozen beautifully-written pitches and scripts that are now repped by Rom Com Pictures.” 

Rom Com’s current slate includes multiple projects from ProPath writers, including Felicia Felton, Raeann Giles, Ashley Ariel Stratton, Skye Emerson, Maggie Maloney, Cathy Padilla, Natalie Torres, Anke Bakker, Sue Kenawi, Racquel Henry, Amy Woods, and Noelle Llewellyn. These scripts and pitches began in Jessica’s ProPath workshop and are now being actively shopped to financiers, buyers, and networks. We’re thrilled that our partnership with Jessica is already bearing fruit, and we can’t wait to see the work of our students hit screens of all sizes!

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