With the Hallmark Channel producing over 100 romance movies a year and Lifetime airing 30 holiday movies in 2020, many other distributors — such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon — have also become enamored with this genre, creating numerous opportunities for romance writers to find a match-made-in-heaven for their scripts. Isn’t time you started writing your romantic comedy?

In our 10-week online workshop The First Draft: Ensuring Your Romance Script Has a Happily Ever After, Jessica Yingling, producer of the Hallmark Channel’s Anything for Love and Love Under the Olive Tree, will guide you from concept to first draft of your romance idea to help make it the most attractive script amongst the hundreds of enchanting submissions all vying for a “meet-cute” with its soulmate–the distributor. See Jessica’s bio. 

Each week you will email your assignment to your classmates, read each other’s work, and participate in a group video call to critique, discuss and brainstorm. You’ll receive weekly notes from your instructor, as well as your talented classmates. Not only will you finish this class with a completed first draft, but you will also gain the valuable tools you need to transform any idea into a captivating work that’s submission-ready.

At the end of the ten-week course, your instructor will do a full read of your completed script with page notes. Each class is capped at 8 writers to ensure the best quality and attention to each student’s script. Please inquire for cost or other information. We do offer payment plans for all our classes. 

Please contact info@propathscreenwriting.com for further information about our workshops. To ensure writers are placed in the correct workshop we do not allow online sign ups for our workshops. 

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