You’ve Completed Your Script! Now What?

In this exclusive four-hour seminar, produced screenwriter and attorney Samantha Herman will walk you through the business and contractual issues that arise once you’re ready to take your project to market. Having a deeper understanding of these agreements helps protect your stories, improves your negotiating skills, keeps more money in your pocket, and also provides a clearer path to becoming a member of the WGA.

Your path as a screenwriter is about so much more than a single script. Understanding how to navigate the landscape is crucial to your first deal and lays the foundation for the rest of your career. Maneuvering through these areas and developing this skill set has helped thousands of writers build from success to success. This workshop is meant to give you clear steps and tools geared toward creating a career that lasts.

What you need to know to sell your script

The Details

When: TBD
Where: Online via Zoom video conference
Who: Writers who are interested in taking charge of their careers!
How: Attorney and produced screenwriter Samantha Herman walks you through the ins and outs of shopping your script to Hollywood. Check out Samantha’s IMDB and LinkedIn pages.
Cost: $49.99, non-refundable.

Sell Your Script Seminar
Topics Samantha Will Cover Include but are Not Limited To:
  • Option Agreements/Shopping Agreements
  • Work For Hire
  • Chain of Title
  • Idea Protection (ie NDA, copyright, etc)
  • Collaboration (writing partners, development producers)
  • Derivative Rights
  • Rewrites and Credit
  • Source Material (articles, books, life rights)
  • Indemnification
  • Clearance and Products (what can you mention or show on-screen)
  • Loan Out Companies
  • Working with and without
  • Representation

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