Discovering Your Screenwriter Voice

A 5-Week Cinematic Journey with Tim Albaugh

Workshop fee: $249.

Are you a screenwriter seeking to develop a unique voice that sets your scripts apart?

Join us for an enlightening and immersive 5-week online seminar to explore the concept of “voice” and how to find and amplify yours. Over the five meetings, we’ll explore the distinct voices of five renowned screenwriters through the lens of their iconic movies. Through lecture, script reading, and discussion we’ll explore how you can apply the tools used by these renowned writers to discover, and strengthen, your own unique voice. There will be writing exercises each week geared to taking the principles discussed and putting them to action in your own work.


Two Sessions

Start Date: Tuesday, May 7 at 11 am PST


Start Date: Wednesday, May 8 at 6 pm PST.

2 Hours per Week

Location: Online Webinar (Zoom)

Seminar Highlights:

Uncover the Power of Your Unique Voice – Over the course of five weeks, we’ll embark on a creatvie journey that focuses on the distinct voices of five exceptional screenwriters. Each week, we’ll dive into a different movie, dissecting its storytelling elements to understand the authentic voice behind it and how to apply the lessons learned to your own writing.

Week 1: “Discovering Your Voice”

Explore the concept of screenwriter voice and its importance in storytelling.

Analyze a film that showcases the screenwriter’s unique voice.

Engage in discussions and exercises aimed at helping you identify and develop your own voice.

Week 2: “The Auteur’s Touch”

Dive into the work of an auteur screenwriter known for their unmistakable style.

Examine the influence of the writer’s voice on the film’s direction and visual language.

Discuss the challenges and benefits of embracing a distinctive voice in your screenwriting.

Week 3: “The Genre Maven”

Explore how screenwriters can leave their mark on a specific genre.

Analyze a genre-defining movie and its screenwriter’s voice.

Learn how to infuse your unique voice into different genres while respecting their conventions.

Week 4: “Breaking the Mold”

Delve into the work of a screenwriter known for pushing boundaries and challenging norms.

Discuss the impact of unconventional storytelling techniques on the audience.

Explore ways to experiment with your screenwriter voice while maintaining clarity.

Week 5: “The Contemporary Voice”

Examine the screenwriter’s voice in modern cinema.

Analyze a recent critically acclaimed film and its relevance in today’s storytelling landscape.

Discuss how to stay authentic and evolve your voice in an ever-changing industry.

Who Should Attend?

Aspiring and professional writers


Storytellers Looking to Develop Their Unique Voice

Anyone Interested in the Craft of Screenwriting

How to Register:

Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a transformative journey into the heart of what makes a writer’s voice.

Email us to secure your spot in this 5-week online seminar that promises to help you identify and amplify your unique voice.

Workshop fee: $249.

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