Intensive Live & Interactive Seminar with writer/ producer Caitlin D. Fryers!

Always wanted to write the supernatural horror pilot of your nightmares? Join Caitlin D. Fryers for an in-depth discussion about this fast growing segment of the TV and streaming universe. As a writer, producer and story editor specializing in supernatural horror, Caitlin will share her professional experience to help you write the best pilot possible to break into this segment of the broadcast TV and streaming market.

With her four seasons writing for WYNONNA EARP, Caitlin has the hands-on experience to take you through what it takes to kick start your career and help you secure the writing gig of your dreams. Join Caitlin as she shares insights into writing genre television, from her journey breaking in, to her four seasons as a writer on the hit SYFY Channel series, WYNONNA EARP, to developing horror series for producers in Canada, the US, and the UK. Caitlin will give you actionable information that will be invaluable to you as you develop the pilots for your own supernatural horror shows.

The supernatural horror genre in television garners a huge percentage of the overall viewing audience and continues to grow. Shows like SUPERNATURAL, PENNY DREADFUL, and WYNONNA EARP delight their audiences with a mash-up of drama, suspense, horror, and thrills. And with the proliferation of specialized networks and streaming services, the demand for pilots in the supernatural horror genre will continue to grow.

At ProPath we specialize in providing seminars packed with actionable information to help writers take their work to the next level and get them closer to their dream of creating a show that will fuel the nightmares of supernatural horror fans for years to come.

Supernatural Horror Seminar with Caitlin

Supernatural Horror Seminar Details

When: December 4th, 10-2 PST
Where: Online via Zoom video conference
Who: Writers interested in tackling genre TV
How: Writer Caitlin D. Fryers shares her insights into writing genre television. Check out Caitlin’s IMDB page.
Cost: $78, non-refundable

Please note our seminars are live, NOT PRERECORDED. We believe in live interaction and driving the conversation forward through an inclusive discussion for everyone. Our goal at ProPath is to move your writing and career to the next level and we feel that a live, interactive discussion in our seminars is the best way to accomplish that.

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