Most writers are surprised to discover they’ll spend 30% of their time writing and 70% of their time TALKING about their writing. Pitching is both the most exciting and terrifying part of the process. We will help you find the emotional core of your pitch, connect with your audience and maximize your odds of a sale. Whether it’s a short meet and greet or a full-on studio pitch, the team at ProPath can put you on the path to a successful pitch and sale.

Basic Pitch

One hour of consultation on up to two meet and greet pitches. We’ll devise a structure to your pitch that will maximize the story and the emotion behind the story.

Pitch Plus

Two hours of consultation that can focus on up to four meet and greet pitches. We’ll devise a structure to your pitch(es) that will maximize not only the story, but also the emotion behind the story.

Maximum Pitch

Three hours of consultation focusing on your more detailed producer or studio pitch. We’ll help you find the core of the pitch in relation to story, character and emotion. We’ll run through the pitch with you multiple times to bring a laser focus and catapult you to that much sought after sale.

Looking for additional help?

ProPath also provides the following services:

Classes, Coverage, Proofreading & Editing.

If you’re ready to take your project to market, we’re ready to help you.

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