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Linda Voorhees and Tim Albaugh, along with our working professional screenwriting instructors have guided thousands of screenwriters through the journey from novice to pro in the worlds of feature film, television, and digital media. We know good screenwriting, and we know how to help you write a great script.

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There is no one right path to success. At ProPath, we customize the learning experience for each of our writers not only to address their specific film and television writing needs, but also to maximize their creative and professional potential in the world of film, television, and digital media.

What Our Writers Are Saying


Tim is a legend in the screenwriting space because of his amazing work with students. Any student would be lucky to be under his tutelage, and would become a much better writer because of it.


Creator, EP/ Showrunner, Bigger (BET)

Portrait of Susan Hurwitz Arneson

Linda Voorhees is the best friend a nascent writer or teacher could have. She is equal parts psychiatrist, cheerleader, and den mother. Her optimism terrifies me.


Writer, Matchstick Men

Portrait of Susan Hurwitz Arneson

Linda was an invaluable instructor and mentor and played a major role in my growth as a writer. If you ever have a chance to work with her you should. Your scripts will thank you.


Writer/CoEP Magic Order, Preacher, The Tick

Portrait of Susan Hurwitz Arneson

Tim’s workshop energizes you. You come away knowing all he wants is to help you make the story in your head better than you first imagined. He genuinely cares, which makes him one of the best mentors out there.


Imagine Impact Creator, (Tunga at Netflix)

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Don’t Go It Alone

Now, more than ever, Hollywood is looking for the next great screenplay or pilot for the next big franchise or series. But you can’t get there alone. In our group seminars, workshops, and 1:1 consultations, we focus on creating a collaborative environment that is both engaging and challenging. Our goal is to help you achieve your short and long-term screenwriting goals, with a focus on strengthening your voice and point of view so that you write the film script, pilot, or web series that only you can write.

With our script coverage services, we don’t skim or skimp on our script feedback. Our coverage, just like our workshops, seminars, and classes, is tailored to you and your script’s needs. We give you concise, actionable notes that will help you elevate your screenplay or pilot to new levels and position you for success within Hollywood.

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