ProPath Screenwriting Code of Conduct


We are so very thankful you are a part of the ProPath Screenwriting community. We do not take this trust lightly and we do all we can to ensure that your experience is positive. To that end, we have a Code of Conduct for all writers.

In attending a ProPath Screenwriting event (such as a workshop, seminar, AMA, webinar, etc) you are joining an activity designed to help your journey as a writer. Our goal is to provide a safe, fun, welcoming, and supportive environment. Our single goal at ProPath is to facilitate creative growth, improve skills and provide a focused discipline on craft. Therefore, the community we build is intended to reflect our core value: respect for all.

Violation of any element of this code of conduct will result in removal from all ProPath Screenwriting activities. No reimbursement will be issued. Please understand our staff and instructors have the authority to decide what is safe, appropriate, and respectful, and will act accordingly to ensure the environment is safe for all. We take building a safe community seriously.


  • Like any community, we have codes of conduct. Each participant is required to read and affirm the following information prior to participation:
    Harassment: We do not tolerate harassment of members or staff in any form.
  • Harassment includes the following: Offensive verbal comments, deliberate intimidation, stalking (any kind), following, harassing verbal, digital or physical behavior. It also includes recording and photos that are acquired without knowledge or permission. Inappropriate physical contact and unwelcome sexual attention will not be tolerated.
  • If there are two differing opinions about a harassment claim, ProPath staff will moderate and be the final decision-maker. In signing this agreement, you agree to this resolution.

Participants are expected to actively contribute to the positive environment in the following ways:

  • Arrive with an inclusive, welcoming, and sensitive spirit that is respectful of others’ writing and identities. Many of us are still learning how to expand our awareness (cultural and otherwise) and realize these require longer conversations. However, an attitude of acceptance and understanding will go a long way to contribute to a positive experience for everyone.
  • Contribute to discussions and activities when possible and encourage others to do the same.
  • Creative writing topics will often involve challenging subjects, such as race, gender, violence, and trauma. Approach these conversations with a sense of openness and curiosity.
  • Communicate with your instructor if you find something is troubling or not meeting your expectations. If you prefer, you may directly please contact the ProPath administrative staff. Each complaint or concern will be taken seriously.

Feedback & Critique

Many of our workshops involve giving and receiving feedback on works in progress. Remember that peers who share drafts are trusting you with their personal creative work, and they deserve respect and privacy.

Each instructor will set workshop guidelines, but unless otherwise stated by the instructor, participants are expected to provide verbal feedback in class and written feedback if appropriate.

Peer feedback goes both ways. You are expected to participate in workshops, offer your time and feedback. And your peers will do the same for you. We are a community.
Instructors will provide directions for submitting work, including formatting and deadlines, and your peers have the right not to review work that doesn’t meet the stated criteria or timing.

Only submit work you are comfortable sharing; it’s the nature of workshops that a critical – which is not to say negative – perspective is taken to help each writer in their efforts to take their work to the next level. We ask for honesty, but nor brutal honesty.

Take feedback with an open mind, especially if you are working with a more personal topic. In the moment, you might decide the feedback isn’t relevant to the direction of your story, however, you might find a grain of inspiration or direction for plot or character development in the feedback.


Writers who share work within the ProPath Screenwriting ecosystem (workshops, events, AMAs, etc), should meet the expectation of trust and integrity. Each writer should treat the discussions and shared information with the utmost discretion. To that end, never discuss or share a fellow writer’s work-in-progress outside of class without their permission.
Please also respect the personal stories or personal reflections of your ProPath writing community.

Communication, Etc.

Our instructors use email to coordinate workshop details and the distribution of materials. Please use your classmate’s emails for class-related communication only. Email addresses should not be used for unsolicited political, personal, religious, or marketing purposes. Likewise, please be conscious of your instructor’s time. Our instructors are all working writers and as such, it may take a bit longer to respond to individual queries outside of class.