A 10-Week Deep Dive Into Your Script

Are you looking for a deeper dive into the development or rewrite of your feature or pilot? This personalized, ongoing consultation is the consult for you. In this intense, ten session private consultation we will guide you from idea to fade out on your feature or pilot script. For each of the ten meetings you’ll have a written assignment specific to your project and process that will be followed up by a one hour Zoom discussion. Ten assignments and ten Zoom calls later, you’ll have a completed first draft or rewrite.

The Full Deal

  • 10 assignments (character exercises, outline and script pages) with written notes
  • A full script read of the completed script with detailed written notes (plus a first read of the script if it’s a rewrite)
  • Ten Zoom calls (up to an hour each) to discuss the written notes

Meetings One Through Five

First, we’ll discuss the what and why of your concept and what you’re looking to achieve with it, both immediately, and longer term. Next, through discussion and character exercises, we ensure your characters are the right vehicles through which to explore your vision.

Once we’ve confirmed your characters serve your premise, we’ll dive into the story structure of your feature or pilot. Through discussion and written work, we’ll map out every scene in your script, focusing on character, story, conflict and theme.

Meetings Six Through Nine

Outline complete, we move on to pages. Each week over sessions five through nine you’ll write 15 – 20 pages of your feature or pilot. For each meeting your mentor will read the pages and supply written page notes in the document. Once you’ve looked over the notes, we’ll have a Zoom call to discuss them in great detail.

Meeting Ten

Your mentor does a full read of your completed script with detailed page notes covering all elements of the craft and a one hour Zoom call to discuss the notes and help you develop a plan for what’s next.