Start Your Writing Journey!

It usually takes about ten scripts for a writer to fully understand and master the craft of writing for film and television. But what if you’re stuck before you even start your first script? Or you’ve written one and are overwhelmed and intimidated with how to start a second?

That’s why we’ve built The Beginning Screenwriting Four Pillar Module: an easily navigated path for writers new to screenwriting to learn the core tools of the craft with other beginning screenwriters in a safe, supportive and fun learning environment.

Led by Sundance Screenwriting Lab alum and ISA Top 25 Screenwriter to Watch, Skye Emerson, this journey consists of four, affordable and easily digestible four meeting modules that can be taken together or a la carte.

Write an original supernatural horror TV pilot
Portrait of Caitlyn Fryers for one hour TV pilot workshop

In the STORY MODULE, Skye will teach you the building blocks of a relatable and marketable concept and story. Next, in the STRUCTURE MODULE, Skye will help you take those building blocks to create an engaging and viable specific script structure. Then it’s on to learning how to create complicated and obsessed larger than life characters and bring their voices to life in the CHARACTER AND DIALOGUE MODULE. Then, we bring it all together in the CRAFTING COMPELLING SCENES MODULE.

Four modules. Four meetings each. Sixteen meetings total. As a discounted package or individually a la carte. You get to choose your path and how quickly you take it.

Beginner Workshop Details

Our next round of beginner classes starts on Wednesday, January 25th from 6pm-8pm PST.

The cost of all four modules is $599. The cost to sign up for an individual module is $169. Payment plans are available.

Please contact [email protected] for further information. To ensure writers are placed in the correct workshop, we do not allow online sign-ups

Skye Emerson – Beginner Screenwriting Modules

2 hr sessions / 4 weeks in length

Module 1: Story

Week 1: Concept – Crafting Your Story Idea

Week 2: What Makes a Movie – Plot and Subplot

Week 3: The Heart of Your Movie – Theme

Week 4: The Reason We Care About Your Story – Stakes

Module 2: Structure

Week 1: Basic Elements of Formatting & Three Act Structure

Week 2: Elements of Act 2 – The Confrontation

Week 3: Elements of Act 2 Continued – The Confrontation

Week 4: Elements of Act 3 – The Resolution

Module 3: Character & Dialogue

Week 1: Defining and Deepening Your Characters and their Voice

Week 2: Bringing your characters to life through dialogue

Week 3: Exposition & Subtext – Balanced Duality

Week 4: Bringing it All Together – Character and Voice

Module 4: Crafting Scenes

Week 1: What is a Scene?

Week 2: The Art & Heart of a Scene

Week 3: Crafting Scenes

Week 4: Crafting a Scene (continued)