Chuck Kim’s Outline Workshop


Whether it’s the writer’s draft or a professional draft, a script begins with the outline.

In Logline to Outline, we’ll define each of the elements of a story, to include: plot, transformative arc, theme, character and cast. The class will then apply the elements to create a structured outline. 

Over the six week course, we’ll review and critique each step of the process:

  • The outline will give clarity, energy, pacing and structure to your feature film or pilot. 
  • The outline will give a clear conception of your project from beginning to end.  
  • It will strengthen the writer’s vision and voice week by week as the story’s outline is completed.  

Each week a lecture will be presented that details outline and story construction.  Books, films and TV shows will be recommended by the professor.  These recommendations are meant to enhance your knowledge and clarify concepts.  Weekly homework will include building block exercises to develop an ability to integrate skills into your current outline and future projects. All homework will be critiqued in session.


The workshop will start Saturday, October 7 at 10am PST and will be via Zoom. The workshop will run 3 hours each week. A detailed syllabus will be provided; handouts will also be provided throughout the workshop. Workshop class is: $950 for the six weeks. Please email [email protected] for more information.


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