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Have an idea you want to write that you just cannot get out of your head? The idea that keeps you up at night or daydreaming in the middle of the day? It can be more than a little scary to begin your script, but it can also be the exhilarating start to your new hobby or even career.

Tackling that first script is tough. Most often, beginning writers simply do not know where to start. So, we have built a program to get you on the way to achieving your screenwriting or TV writing goals. We start you out with our team of beginning instructors, who are ready to inspire and guide you through the process.

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Beginner’s Path for TV and Screenwriters:

Six one hour 1:1 Individual TV or Screenwriting Consultations

$450 (payment plans available, please email [email protected] for more information) 

To start, you will have six full hour individual consultations with one of our instructors to get you started with confidence. These hour-long consultations are 1:1 live, interactive and structured to help you develop the skills you need to build a script. The 1:1s are held via Zoom or Google Meet. 

You will work directly with our team to determine your experience level and set your pace. Do you want to kick off quickly or do you need a bit more time to fit into your schedule? We can work that out as well. 


Over the course of six sessions, you will gain a deeper understanding of premise and character development, story structure, scene structure, dialogue and how to format it all on the page.

You will complete a logline, two page synopsis of your idea, a completed beat sheet, and the first ten pages of your script. You will then have the option of turning in a completed draft of the script for notes from Ashley (or another instructor) if you send them the draft within three months of your last session. 

You set the pace, but with someone who will guide, challenge and inspire you. Our approach is supportive, caring and we focus on helping you find your voice – not imposing our voice on yours.


Just getting started, not ready for 1:1 consultations yet? 

Check out our top six “to do” list for beginning writers first.

One-on-One Syllabus Created Specifically for Both TV Writers and Screenwriters

We’ve developed our beginner’s program after working with thousands of writers and believe that this program is the best way to put you on your path.

Session One

Topic: How to Generate a Great Idea

In our first session, we will discuss your goals, put together your roadmap and dive into how to generate ideas, discuss what makes a great premise and logline, and choose a film to dissect together in the coming weeks to amplify these principles.

Homework: 10 loglines for potential projects

Session Two

What Makes a Great Character?

In our meeting, we will go over your loglines and choose the idea you most want to pursue, then we will dive into how to create compelling characters.

Homework: 3-5 Character Sketches

Session Three

Topic: Film Deep Dive & Structure

Before class, we will decide on a movie to watch together and we will spend this session discussing the characters and structure. We will also begin our discussion of film structure.

Homework: Two page synopsis

Session Four

Topic: A Deeper Dive into Structure

In class, we will go over your two page synopsis and continue our discussion of film structure. We will also have an in-depth discussion of conflict in scriptwriting.

Homework: Script Beat Sheet

Session Five

Topic: Dialogue & the First Ten Pages

In class, we will go over your beat sheet, have an in-depth discussion of dialogue, scriptwriting software, formatting, and how to hook readers with your first pages.

Homework: The first ten pages of your script

Session Six

Topic: Building a Great Scene

In class we will go over your first ten pages and dive deep into your characters, story hook, and scene flow. We will then create a roadmap for you to complete your script.

Ashley or a member of our Beginner’s Path instructor team work with you to ensure that you have these six steps completed and are set up to successfully tackle the completion of a first draft of your script.

So what comes next after these first steps or if you already have a handle on these basics? We offer an additional, intermediate package for beginner’s to continue on the path in a caring 1:1 direct environment. We also offer beginner’s workshops to help you write that very first script.

Please email [email protected] for more information about either of these next steps.

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