Write a Rom-Com in Ten Sessions

With Zac Hug and Erin Rodman

We all know the hallmarks of a good rom-com script: the meet-cute, the will they-won’t they, the complications that keep them apart and push them together, the kiss that means forever.

But how to make these scenes work and what kind of tone to use? Is it a script that says “Hallmark” or “R-rated” or “classic Meg Ryan”? There are a lot of questions, and we’re here to help.

In ten sessions, rom-com writers Zac Hug (Ghosts of Christmas Always, Christmas in Evergreen series) and Erin Rodman (Say Something Nice, the Christmas House series) lead you through the steps it takes: from pitching and development, to outlining and knocking out that first draft.

We’ll cover topics like constructing compelling characters, the do’s and don’ts of romcom tropes, and the necessary beats of both three act and nine act structure.
From there, we’ll discuss crafting dialogue to sound natural and entertaining, as well as ways to format your scenes (montages! flashbacks! musical interludes!). We’ll watch scenes from rom-coms together and break them down to a granular level to understand what makes these
movies work.

We’ll give you a schedule breakdown, with guided sessions focused on outlining and getting ready to write, then feedback heavy sessions as you get your draft down on paper. It’s amazing what you can do in ten weeks, and our goal is to have you leave the workshop empowered with the tools to get yourself from a nugget of an idea to finished script.

In addition to writing, Zac and Erin have both spent time on the studio side, working for the people and places that buy material. And, both have survived many, many turns of the development merry-go-round. We can prep you on how to get your script read, what happens when you do, what to look out for as your script moves towards production, and the realities of everything from how you get paid to how to talk to executives when you finally get that

Whether your dream is to write Hallmark’s or Netflix’s next big Christmas premiere, or you’ve got the big movie theater release like Crazy Rich Asians or Bros, we can help you get where you’re going. Mainly, Zac and Erin are here to be helpful, encouraging guides through organizing, outlining, and writing an entire script.

We’ll take breaks for actual holidays, so don’t worry. Join us on zoom for ten sessions starting November 20. Get ready to get your jingle on and write the next great rom-com!

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