Why Start ProPath?

by | Jan 1, 2020

Meet Tim and Linda, Your Guides to Hollywood Success 

The journey to screenwriting success is an exciting adventure and the good news is that there are more ways than ever to make your voice heard. Hollywood is rife with opportunity, and with so many avenues to pursue, it’s incredibly helpful to have thoughtful guides to help show you the way. That’s where Linda and Tim come in! Their backgrounds make them the perfect candidates to help usher students along the rewarding road of being a produced screenwriter. 

We sat down to ask them both about what makes them so passionate teaching new writers, and it all boils down to the satisfaction of imparting a love of the craft to a new generation. Linda and Tim’s love of writing and teaching shines through in everything they say and do. Here are what they had to say about helping writers of all levels achieve their dreams by starting their journey with ProPath:

Why do you love teaching?

Linda: Teaching reminds me of my true love of writing. It’s easy to be cynical. Easy to engage in the negative elements of the industry. The negativity can dominate a person’s thoughts and beliefs. But, when you teach writing, you find with the student’s true joy of the work, it reinforces every part of the writer’s journey. Learning the craft, building a skill set, trusting in the story, building relationships with other writers–there is joy in the workshop for learning and for writing. The negative influences will happen soon enough, but in a workshop with writers–it’s pure joy. 

Tim: I love teaching because there’s nothing better to witness than the moment when a writer finally “gets it.” To be a part of a writer finding their purpose and voice is amazing.

What do you hope the students get out of it?  

Tim: Our ProPath seminar participants walk away with a better understanding of all the elements of the craft and an action plan to implement everything they’ve learned. Our students receive two years of grad school education in eight hours!

Linda: I have a single goal for them. To think like a writer. 

What about ProPath makes you the most excited? 

Linda: There’s nothing more wonderful on God’s green earth than spending time with my writers. ProPath expands my territory. I’ll be working writers of different abilities, talent, and skill sets. I’m excited about it. ProPath unlocks the gate of the screenwriting MFA, and I love walking through it to experience the world of new writers. 

Tim: I’m most excited about passing along our 50+ years of teaching experience to a whole new set of writers. I’m thrilled to help as many writers as possible achieve their goals and see their vision come to life on screen.

This is why we created ProPath. We love helping writers truly take their scripts to the next level and realize their greatest talent.

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