The Ultimate Rewrite Checklist

by | Feb 16, 2020

Go through each scene and evaluate each of these questions:

  • Whose scene is it?
  • Who is dominant in the scene?
  • Who has power in the scene?
  • Is there a shift of power within the scene?
  • What conflict generates the action of the scene?
  • Does the scene escalate in tension giving a forward momentum of story?
  • Are new elements of character revealed in conflict?
  • Is the dialogue interesting?
  • Have you deleted cliches?
  • Have you corrected format?
  • Have you cleaned up punctuation and grammar?
  • Did you present the narrative with clarity and brevity?
  • Is the final line of dialogue, “the tag”, in place to anchor the scene and form a hook for the next scene?
  • Did you begin at the last moment and exit at the highest point of drama?
  • Did you play with the dialogue?
  • Finding a more interesting and compelling line delivery?
  • Is the dialogue about conflict?
  • Does the dialogue reveal character?
  • Is the dialogue easy to read and deliver?/li>


  • Check scenes at the act breaks. Make them work.
  • Don’t trust the first joke if you’re writing a comedy.
  • Delete repeat lines.
  • Monitor characters. Do you have too many characters that are doing redundant work and deflating the conflict?
  • Do you need more characters?
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